Sunday, June 27, 2010

today's progress

Here are my flimsy finishes for today.  This first one is for my son.  It will be a lap quilt.  It is made from January block lotto blocks that I won!  I am really happy with how it came out.  He likes it too!  Hope it won't be too many years before I get it quilted :)!

This is my daughter's quilt from the block lotto blocks...

She did not like it because it is too "girly".  My husband said he would use it as a lap quilt for him because he likes it!  Once I got it put together with the purple border and the piano key border, my daughter decided it was okay.  This picture doesn't really do it justice because the colors are beautiful!

So, in an attempt to create something that my daughter will love, this is what I started today.
Brighter colors, almost NO pink, converse tennis shoes, music notes with guitars, and polka dots.  She is liking this a lot better.  It matches her teenage attitude-she is only 12.

I found these tennis shoes a few months ago and she has been dying for me to make her a quilt with them  I am about half way finished with piecing it.

 This is the pattern I am using for the quilt.  It is from the Summer 2010 Quick Quilts magazine.  I needed big squares to show off the tennis shoe fabric. 

I have a great stack of leaders & enders cut from the snowball blocks.  Maybe I can eventually combine them with all my other bright scraps!

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