Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in review

I have spent my morning drinking coffee and looking at everyone's year in review.  So many gorgeous quilts!  And, I am simply jealous!  I have accomplished very little on the sewing front this year.  But here is a little tour.
Here is a little pouch I made and used on our small trip through North Western Europe.

 The Bambi themed baby quilt that went to a great-niece in Japan.

 Some pillows I made.  One was gifted at Christmas, the other sits in my room.

I made four travel blankets for our trip to Europe.  I enjoyed having mine but they sure were a pain to carry through airports and train stations, despite the design that attached to luggage.

 I played around with making pot holders but the mistake I made was to quilt through all the layers.  One can still get burned at the seams, so they mostly get used as hot pads for pans to sit on.  Next time, I will quilt the top layer and then attach to the insulated batting.  Otherwise, I really love them!

I did redecorate my kitchen a little- nothing too major.  These curtains were purchased and just had to be shortened.
And, I have worked on many projects that mostly remain in the construction phase.  This is a block I made for Block Lotto.  It went to that month's winner.
I really love it but I WILL NEVER MAKE ANOTHER!
I HATE paper piecing.
So, there is my very unproductive year.

Things I did accomplish:

  • not killing my two teenagers- they are still around and I kinda like them....
  • family trip to Europe
  • took on some major extra duties at work
  • became the secretary of the Choir Board- my daughter is the President of her school choir & drama so I am doing all I can to help her out in her very busy senior year
  • lost almost 30 pounds since August
  • currently teaching my son to drive
  • currently the head of the Graduation committee at my school
  • Hosted most of the family Holiday Celebrations and Birthdays throughout the year
  • Kept my husband from beheading 4 poodles
  • ran a little and participated in one race
  • managed to keep a very MESSY house- no accomplishments there...
Goals for 2016
  • Figure out this new Weight Watchers system so that it will work for me and I can continue on my weight loss journey
  • Get back to running & other forms of exercise- elliptical trainer, hiking, etc.
  • clean out the clutter this year
  • get my daughter situated for college in the Fall
  • get my son a driver's license before my daughter leaves in the fall- otherwise I will end up driving him to school every day- he goes out of district so no bus.
  • get my son a car before my daughter leaves with her's in the fall
  • get some UFOs finished!!!!- aiming for at least one per month, hopefully more!
Happy Stitching in 2016,

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