Monday, June 13, 2011


Weeks ago I bought a scrap bag at a local quilt shop- i know- Who needs to actually spend money on scraps when I am knee deep in them on my quilting room floor- but I wanted variety...
Anyway, went to look through them tonight for possible Pineapple Blossom pieces and found a bunch of quilt blocks.  So, Instead of doing what I should do, I started a new project with these blocks-all I really did was add the sashing and borders.  Will make a great Quilt for Kids donation.


  1. In an artistic way, they resemble kites :0)
    Finding treasures like that amidst scraps brings a strange excitement; glad you were able to make something of them!

  2. The orange makes this quilt 'POP!' Isn't it awesome to find we have things already done that we 'stashed' away and forgot? Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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