Monday, December 31, 2012

First Snow of the Season

Here in the desert, we have been anxiously awaiting our first snow of the season.  Though it is nothing like the snow many of you have had so far, it is a big deal for us. 
Here is the view out the front window.
And here is the view out the side.  I loved the moon peeking through the clouds there. 
So, we are excited that we finally got some winter weather and hope that we get a bit more!  Itsd going to be a very dry summer if we don't!

Last night I finished cutting out all the pieces for Hawaii Sunset and started trimming the T Shirts for a customer quilt.  I have a lot more of that to do today!

I just read through Bonnie's Part 7 for Easy Street.  I am about 3 parts behind now because I am stumped for a color for the squares.  There probably won't be much work on it any time soon.  I have a lot going on this week.  It will make a good UFO for January- and maybe in to February at the rate I am going!

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year's Eve.  Be safe and have fun!

Later today I will be pulling winners for the 4 Block a Week first block winners.  Early tomorrow the first two blocks will be posted!  Hope you will join me!

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