Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Block 7 and 8 of Quilt Along

Block 7 Tess's 4 patch  Square in a Square- Number of pieces are for two blocks of each design.  Remember to use only half as many if you are making only one block of each design. 

 First you will make the four patch in the middle.  You will make a 5 inch 4 patch that will then be trimmed down to 4 & 3/4 inches.  Cut 4 navy and 4 gold that are 3 inch squares.  Sew 1 navy to 1 gold and repeat with all squares.  Then sew one navy/gold pair to another navy/gold pair as pictured. 
 When you press, you want to press all the seams in the same direction, making a pinwheel out of the seams and a small 4 patch in the middle.  This save on bulky seams. 
 You will then need to trim the four patch to 4 & 3/4 inches.  Using a square up ruler, the center of the four patch should be at 2 & 3/8.  Trim the first 2 sides, then turn to trim the other 2 sides.

Cut 4 neutral and 4 red squares at 3 & 7/8 inches, then cut once on the diagonal as pictured.

Red triangles will be sewn to the four patch as pictured.  Make sure to line up the point of the triangle with the middle seam of the 4 patch.

 You will sew the opposite sides as pictured, press open, then do the other two sides.
 This is what your center will look like once the triangles are added.

Now cut 2 neutral squares at 7 & 1/4 inches.  Cut on the diagonal twice as pictured. 

 These triangles will be sewn to the sides of the previous unit as pictured.  Be sure to line up the middle of the triangle with the middle of the unit. 

 Make sure that you sew through the point on the back so that you have perfect points on your square.
 Now you will cut 8 strips 2 & 5/8 X 9 & 3/4 inches, then cut both ends at a 45 degree angle- I line it up with lines on my cutting mat.  You may have a ruler especially for this also. 
 The smaller neutral triangles that you cut in the second step with the red triangles are then sewn to the top of this unit to make a striped triangle.  This unit then is sewn to the sides of the completed unit above. 
Be sure to line the center of the triangle up with the center seam of the four patch.  Make sure you are sewing through the point on the back so that your neutral points are accurate.  Sew to opposite sides, press, and then sew the other sides and press.  Now you should have your 7th squares done. 

Block 8 Hour Glass Mosaic-
THIS BLOCK WAS A CHALLENGE FOR ME!  Don't let that scare you away though.
First I want you to see the different units in the block. 
As you can see, the block is made on point and the units may not be what you originally pictured.
now a more complicated division of the units...
As you can see, the triangles are not put together in half square method.  They are put together along one of the short sides and then added to an opposite set to make a triangle four patch or hour glass.
This is the first unit you will make.
Cut 6 pink, 8 navy, and 6 green squares that measure 3 & 7/8 inches.  Then cut these squares once on the diagonal as pictured below and just like we have done in all the steps up to this one.  .

You will sew  2 sets of a pink to a navy along the short side.  Lay them out first and then put them together to make the center unit, circles above.  Be sure to match the center seam just as you do in a four patch.  Then you will make 4 sets of the green to navy to make the green & Navy hourglass units.

Now you will make the half hour glass units that is circled below.  You need two of these units in each block but the units have the green and the navy in opposite places so make sure you lay them out.  You are  using, for each unit, one small green triangle, one small navy triangle, and then you have to cut the larger pink triangles by cutting 2 green and 1 pink squares at 7 & 1/4 inches. 
That larger squares, 2 green and 1 pink squares at 7 & 1/4 inches mentioned above,get cut twice on the diagonal- see the picture below for an example. 
Sew these half hour glass units to the sides of the pink hour glass unit, making sure the pink larger triangle is sewn to the navy side. 

Then sew the larger green triangles to the green hour glass units, laying them out first to make sure they are oriented in the correct direction.
Sew 2 small pink triangles to the end of the center pink strip, then sew the green units to each side of the pink center, then add the pink triangles to the last two corners (the green units) to complete your square.
Good luck with this one- and if you need help, do not hesitate to comment here or email me.

Additional strips to cut:  1 pink strip and 1 red strip: 2 & 1/2 by width of fabric -add to your Ziploc bag!

 I now have to go correct my second block of this last one because I sewed the hour glass units in the wrong orientation. It makes a different block all together!
Happy Stitching!
Plan for the rest of today:  Fix that block!  Work on Customer Quilt, start a little project for treadling!

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