Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blocks 3 and 4 of the Quilt Along

Yay!  Its Tuesday again, which means it is time for making 4 more blocks!
Remember, if you are making the larger quilt, you make 2 of each block.  If making the smaller quilt, just one of each.

I call Block number 3 Sophie's Star.

For 2 of  the Sophie's Star blocks you will cut 16 squares of a dark green (or even black)  and 16 squares of a teal or blue grey.  Squares will measure 3 & 7/8 X 3 & 7/8.  For 1 block you will only need 8 squares of each color.
Draw a line on the back of each of the teal squares.  Pair each one with a dark green square, sew on both sides of the line as in the picture below.
Cut them apart on the drawn line and press towards the darker fabric.
Lay out the square as pictured and sew each row together, then each row to the next.

You have completed block 3!

Block 4 is called Oliver's Tumbler

For block 4 you will need to cut more 3 & 7/8 inch squares!
To make 2 blocks, cut 8 red squares, 4 navy squares, and 8 neutral squares.
For 1 block, cut 4 red, 2 navy, and 4 neutral.
You will also need to cut 8 strips of navy (4 if only doing 1 block) that measure 2 & 5/8 X 9 & 3/4 inches.  These will then have each end cut at a 45 degree angle as pictured...
So, the bottom will measure 9 & 3/4 inches long and both ends angle in 45 degrees towards the top of the piece.  Those corner triangles can go in your scrap box.
Draw a diagonal line on the back of 4 red squares (2 if only doing 1 block).  Match these to a navy square and sew on both sides of the line.  Cut the remaining red and neutral squares on the diagonal so that all your pieces look like this...
(The red and navy squares pictured here are the ones you have already matched up and sewn together).   Cut them apart on the line and press open.
Now you will construct the above unit...
Lay out your navy/red half square triangles with the neutral triangles as pictured.  Sew a triangle on one side of each square, press than sew the triangles on to the other side of each square.
To construct the other half of this unit, take a navy strip with the 45 degree ends and a red triangle.  Find the centers of each by folding them in half and creasing with your fingers as pictured below. 
Match the creases so that the pieces are centered to each other.
And sew them together.  Lay the pieces out as pictured below and sew the two triangles together to make a square.  See more explanation below...

Find the center of the navy by folding in half and creasing and then match it to the point on the red square in the top unit.

You will need 4 of these squares for each block.  Lay out the blocks as pictured below and sew the two rows, then sew the rows together. 

No strips to add to your Ziploc bag this week but keep it handy for next week!
I hope you are enjoying the Quilt Along!

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