Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Block 9

Running a bit behind this week so today you will get block 9 and I will post block 10 later in the week-look for it around Friday or Saturday.
Here is the block you are making today...
Again, you are using squares cut at 3 & 7/8 inches.
You will need (for 2 blocks)16 gold squares, 10 red squares and 6 blue squares.
draw a diagonal line on the back of each gold square as pictured...(example pictures are from previous blocks)

Match the gold to the reds and then the blues with right sides together, and sew on each side of the line as pictured...
Cut them apart on the drawn line, press open and layout for construction as pictured below.
First sew into the rows, then sew the rows together, being sure to match points/seams.
This should be your end result.
You will also need to cut a 2 & 1/2 inch wide strip  X width of the fabric of the Gold, and add it to your Ziploc bag for later. 
Happy Stitching!  I would love to see your blocks!

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