Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blocks 5 and 6

Welcome!  We are not quite half way in our Quilt Along.
For block 5- Blocked Pinwheel-  you will cut the following:
for 2 blocks:
3 & 7/8 inch squares: 4 green squares, 4 red squares, 4 neutral squares
draw a diagonal on the back of the neutral squares only. Cut the green squares on the diagonal rather than drawing it.

4 red strips 9 & 3/4 by 2 & 5/8 inches-cut them at 45 degrees on each end as pictured

 It will look just like the last time we did this with the blue ones pictured.

2 green squares:  7 & 1/4 X 7 & 1/4
cross cut these green squares on both diagonals as pictured
Also cut 2 green strips that are 2 & 1/2 inches X width of fabric and add them to your Ziploc bag. 

Pair a neutral with a red square and sew, right sides together, on both sides of the line. 
Cut these apart and press them open towards the dark fabric.
Then you will reassemble them into a pinwheel center for the block.
I like to press my seams open at this point to prevent bulk. 

The larger green triangles will be sewn to the edges of your pinwheel.  Match the point of the triangle to the center seam of the pinwheel.  Sew both opposite sides, press, sew the other two sides and press towards the green triangles. 
Sew the smaller green triangle to the strips that were cut at 45 degrees to make a larger triangle piece.

This is the picture from a previous block where we used the same method.  Fold and finger crease both pieces to find and match centers, pin just the center and sew.

These are then sewn to the outside of the boxed pinwheel.
First opposite sides, then the other opposite sides.  Again you are matching the point of the triangle piece to the center seam of the pinwheel.
Here is your finished Boxed Pinwheel block- you should have two if you are making the larger quilt.  If you want the smaller quilt, cut only half of the pieces and create only one block.  Or, even better, make both and give one to a friend!

Block 6 - Open Box

In my original design, this block was planned as a dusty purple color but, remember, I had no purple in my stash.  So, I have replaced the purple with a dark pink/mauve.

For this block you will cut all squares 3 & 7/8 inches.  For 2 blocks you need 16 purple/pink squares, 8 green squares, and 8 yellow/gold squares.  Draw a diagonal line on the back of all the pink squares.
Also cut one pink/purple strip 2 & 1/2 inches wide X width of fabric and add it to your Ziploc bag.  

Match 8 gold to 8 pink and 8 green to 8 pink.  Right sides together, sew on both sides of the line and cut apart.  Press all towards the pink fabric.

Lay our the half square triangles into the pattern above, and sew the rows, then the rows to each other.
Finished Open Box block. 
Quick, email me your pictures so that you will be included in the drawing for Friday!


  1. Your tutorials and pictures are great! It takes a lot of time to create good tutorials... =)




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