Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Palm Tree in the Desert...

Doesn't it look lovely?  Remind you of cool breezes on a soft sand beach?  Relaxation?  Heaven?
Not hardly!  It was a major pain in the...I mean... Challenge.
I am making a quilt for a customer and thought I might put 3 of these babies in but now I am thinking that...there just isn't room for 3.  I think ONE will fit perfectly, and considering that it took me about 5 hours instead of the 1 hour I had planned, used about 3 times the amount of fabric, and will prevent an additional charge of about $50, I think she will probably think that ONE is perfect too!
If you are just dying to create one of these monsters, it is found in the foundation section of EQ7 and can be printed at any size you desire.  There are even other versions of palm trees in case you are wanting to dedicate your life to creating a small palm tree forest.  Good luck,  see you in a decade or two. 


  1. What a beautiful block Andra, I'll have to look through EQ for it. How big did you make the block? I learned to PP last year and it does take time.

    1. It was 8 X 10. It is in the beach scene section I think.

    2. Where can I find this quilt block?



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