Thursday, October 31, 2013

Antique Quilts & customer quilting

A friend of mine recently inherited some quilt tops that his grandmother and great-grandmother sewed together by hand back in the 40's??!!

This one took my breath away!

This one was his favorite and it is fabulous!

There were many more!

Now he is looking for a quilter.  I would do it for him but I really think they need to be HAND quilted since they are HAND pieced.  Any one know an affordable hand quilter?

This quilt is from one of my students from my free piecing class.  I was thrilled to see it as a finish and I was truly honored to get to quilt it for her. 

Here is the back of it, quilted with "Funky Monkey" purchased from Intelligent Quilting.  It will be a fun quilt for her new grandson!

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