Tuesday, December 22, 2009


After watching the movie Julie and Julia, I have decided to make a lofty goal of my own.

My goal is to FINISH 12 quilts this coming year, 2010. Since I already have at least that many started, it really shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Here is the list of ones I remember right now, that need to be finished:

· Quilt for my mom and dad that needs to be bound after just a bit more quilting

· Wallhanging with my wedding vows on it

· Mystery from Quiltville

· 2..no, 3 asian wallhangings for my living room wall

We are already up to 6 quilts…

· Half square triangle of civil war era fabrics

· Butterfly round quilt with wedge ruler

· Blue and yellow baby quilt

· Blue, white and purple foundation double wedding ring bed quilt

· Day at the fair quilt-pink and green

· My son’s red and black quilt- not started but I have all the fabric

· Christmas lap quilt

That is already 13. I am sure I will remember more to add to this list later.

That doesn’t include all the patterns I have and fabric just waiting to be dedicated to a certain pattern.

Wish me luck! Anyone want to join me in my challenge?


  1. You can do it, Andra!!!
    Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Did you quilt today Andra?
    I didn't. I am trying to get my sewing room cleaned up a little before I pull out a quilt.



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