Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Quilt-6th Finish for 2010!!!!

Here is the finished quilt.   I am claiming it as my finish even though my daughter did some of the quilting. 

The back has black with small cat faces on it, so here it is folded back to show the back.  Her name is in the border.
I really enjoyed making this bright quilt and it went together very quickly because of its Wonkiness and not having to match seams. 

She is a pre-teen.  I hope she enjoys the bright colors and fun images. 

I am going to have to set some mini- goals for myself in order to get done what I need to.  In the next month (two weeks actually) I would like to have a twin and a queen quilt bound, another lap quilt quilted and bound, and my parents quilt bound-by hand- which I haven't touched since the Olympics!!!!
Right after that, I have 3 Around the World Lap quilts that I want to create.  So far, I only have the first one 1/3 of the way pieced.  These need to be done by early May.  Then I have the quilt for my Mother-in-Law that will need to be finished by Early June.
What am I doing sitting here????!!!!
Wish me luck!


  1. I didn't get any of that done!

  2. LOL @ your own follow-up comment! Too funny!

    I've been out perusing your blog, linked off your comment on my "Paintbox" voting post. Always nice to meet a fellow quilter and TEACHER :0) What do you teach? 7-12 Math teacher here, and YES....LOVE LOVE LOVE when summer hits. Life still happens, a class or two here-n-there; a few things for volleyball (I coach), but I usually have 4-5 weeks of complete VACATION TIME! :0)

    Now, the main reason I am commenting on this specific post. I LOVE the idea of applique-ing the name on the back!!!! I have a quilt I need to make for a 6th grade daughter of my husband's boss; I think this would be a GREAT touch to add to it!



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