Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quilt Show at Veteran's Park

I did not make any of the following quilts in this post but they are the ones I thought I might like to use for inspiration...

I like the mixture of the brown with the bright colors!

I love Hawaiian quilts and the color combination on this one is just lovely!

This is a safe haven pattern.  I am working on one of these with a friend of mine.  This one is lovely!

I wish that my scrap quilts would come out this great!  I usually am unhappy with the yellows and reds mixed in with the other colors but this one works very well!!!

I am currently working on the very first around the world quilt I have ever made and the blocks are much larger than this.  I love the small blocks and the mix of green and purple on this one!  Plus, I need to make a lot of smaller quilts for wall hangings and gifts so this inspired me greatly!!

My daughter loves horses and so I fell in love with this little quilt!  I am amazed at how people can come up with these designs!  I need to sit down and draw.  I have so many ideas and then I always end up using a pattern rather than creating one.  I have made very few items with my own pattern and they were okay.  So, this little quilt is to remind me to try to use my own patterns and ideas more often!

These quilts are absolutely lovely and I send out a big thank you to the artists who were willing to share them to help inspire me.

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