Monday, June 14, 2010

Finish # 7 & 8 for 2010

Here is a quilt I put together yesterday afternoon.  It will go to my great niece. 

This quilt is for my mother in law.  It is a lovely quilt but it has been continuously frustrating.  My newest machine broke while I was piecing it-the powerboard -so it went straight to the shop.  Then, the quilting bunched up on the back-that hasn't happened to me this bad in a long time.  Then, after I washed it, i found 2 holes where fabric had frayed out of the seam so I had to patch those.  i am embarrassed to give it to her actually but my husband insists so...

But, it is only June and I have 8 quilts completed!  Most of them were not UFOs but i still have plenty of time left, right???!!!

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