Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunday progress

Here is my flimsy fireworks quilt with the blocks I won in the July block Lotto. I LIKE this quilt!  It is very BLACK and it was a pain in the bahooty (Daughter's word)!  It went together well, it just took forever!  I did not have a pattern, I just figured out the measurements and did it myself.  That meant I had to keep laying it out over and over to make sure I had the triangles facing the right direction. 

I will add borders but I do not think I will make it big enough for my bed.  That means the kids can use it when their quilts are in the wash. 

This is my 14th finish for 2010.  It has been on the shelf for months, just waiting on a binding.  i was having trouble deciding on a color.  I pulled it out Sunday, grabbed a piece of fabric from my stash that just happened to be black with pink roses on it and bound the baby!  It was made as a completely functional quilt.  Simple pattern, sparsh quilting-to make it really soft/not stiff, and bound by machine. 

Here are my Raggedy Ann and Andy blocks.  I am making two.  One is for my Mom-she is doing all the embroidery-and the other for me.  You can't really tell but I did use a few different fabrics so they aren't exactly the same.  It is just so easy to cut the same piece out of the same fabric, rather than look for a different scrap and get it all ready to cut. 

Note to self & Mom:  I need to put the quilt blocks together BEFORE you embroider them so the borders will not be in the seams!

Today, we were at Volley ball until after 8PM so I just get to throw some things together for tomorrow and then crash!

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  1. It may have been a pain, but from here, it looks like it was well worth it--those fireworks blocks look amazing. I love the Raggedy Ann & Andy blocks, too. That on is going to be adorable.



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