Wednesday, December 15, 2010

almost midnight

but I made it-I have my quilts finished by the deadline.  That also puts me only 1 quilt away from my second goal of 4 more for 2010 since September.
 You have had a glimpse of this one but here it is finished.  I love it.  It is great fun!  Just like the person getting it. 

 Here is another one you have had a peek at,  It is bound but I made my seam too wide when I sewed it on and so it is a very narrow binding which makes it bulky.  It is a beautiful quilt though.  The woman who will be getting this one owns a hot air balloon that is that same color of pink.  And, she is always bright and cheerful, exuberant.
 My sister loved this one-sorry sis.  It is going to another great friend.  I hope she will enjoy using it when she goes camping or is picnicking with her grandchildren. 

Below is the back- one of the few I have pieced like this.  I think it looks great but it is really hard to get it centered on Lizzie so the bottom border is more narrow than the top. 

I have now quilted 5 quilts on my Lizzie.  That makes them roughly worth one of my bi monthly paychecks each, not counting fabric and batting.  OUCH!

After I got these wrapped, I had to add the insides to my daughters edible cell model.  the jello was not ready before she went to bed...
I am a teacher and I understand projects and deadlines etc and I love her science teacher! but a Science Fair Project, an edible model and a final quarter test all in the same week for the same class seems like a bit much-especially when it is the week before Christmas!  So, I figured she could stand a little help from mom with the insides of her cell while she slept. 

It will be so great to play Santa tomorrow-which is in 2 minutes!

Here are the wool Pillows my mom made me for my Birthday last month.  I love them!  thanks Mom.

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