Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a day it has been...

Not a single stitch sewn but a good day just the same.  My son's team lost their basketball game yet again but not until they had gone in to overtime with a 3 point shot made by his best friend.  My son made 2 wonderful baskets that I saw and he says he made a layup shot that I missed.  So, promptly after the game, I took my two sharp shooters out for lunch and ice cream!

Then we headed to the storage shed and brought a load home with us-our goal is to get it completely cleaned out in the very near future.  To make room for some of the boxes in the garage, I had to clean out other boxes, and got rid of a bunch of old school stuff, books, and stuff that has been waiting to go to Goodwill since this Summer.  So, I feel like I did accomplish something of value today.

Then I took my son to the bookstore to pick up some books.  He has been having a hard time finding a fiction book that he enjoys-He LOVES his non-fiction though.  But, he came home with 4 fiction books that he was excited about:Robin Hood and King Arthur (both kids classic versions) a choose-your-own-adventure book and the sequel to A Castle in the Attic, which he has already read a good deal of.  Of course, I can't come home from the bookstore empty handed-picked up Jane Eyre which I am planning on reading again-3rd time now-I love that book!  And I got Tess of the D'Urbervilles.  I am enjoying my Anna Karenina so much that I wanted to stick with the classics for a while longer. 

I don't know that I will get to the machine tomorrow either, though it is hard for me to go to bed on weekends without having spent some time there.  So many quilts, patterns, experiments to try, so little time!

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