Saturday, February 19, 2011

Solidly Filled Saturday

    • sleep til 8   -check
    • have breakfast -check
    • give kids chores to do-check
    • start laundry -check
    • hang out on computer- check okay, so I could have sewn a few stitches here maybe...
    • grab a quick lunch -tuna with no mayo since I was out - check
    • add mayo to grocery list - check
    • go watch son's team win the first basket ball tournament game-check
    • buy tile for the office floor- check
    • second lunch, through drive through -check -we were starving!
    • groceries for family dinner -check
    • come home and be lazy-tiles still in the truck-check-no, these few minutes of lazy could not have been replaced with stitching. 
    • family dinner for my Dad's 71st birthday - check
    • put a very tired basketball star to bed, and his sister too- check
    • watch two episodes(gotta love media center) of Supernatural cuddled on sofa with hubby-check
    • wish I still had many hours before I have to  make myself go to bed-check
    • lament the fact that there is too much to be done tomorrow and I won't be able to sit at the sewing machine at all unless I steal that time from something that is a higher priority - check- actually, if I am going to steal time, it should be for EXERCISE!
That is okay.  The quilting will still be there when a free day comes.   If  I miss quilting deadlines, nothing terrible is going to happen.  Besides, these are deadlines that I set for myself and I need to learn to be easier on myself about these things.
The basket ball game was so much fun- those kids have made such great progress this year.  My kiddo works his tail off.  I think he sat out for maybe a total of 8 minutes of the game and he was running the whole time.
Tomorrow will be clearing out of the office so that the tile can start to be laid on Monday.  Hubby has Monday off, the kids and I don't-too many snow days missed.  15 more days of school/work before Spring Break AKA Quilt Fest!  
Looks like there is no way I will get to that stack of grading either.                                                                                                                                           

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