Sunday, February 6, 2011

up all night

Yes, I am up in the middle of the night and have been for 3 hours now.  Quilting is a great hobby for insomniacs or maybe insomnia is good for a quilter to have-not sure which.  Anyway,since I can't actually run the sewing machine all night- my family would kick me out of the house for sure-I started working on the Simple Small quilt for March.  I am so excited, I can't wait to share it with you all!  I got it cut out and about half of the blocks pinned, ready to sew.  I used every pin I could find-is that a clue?  So, I will have to sew them together before I can do anything else that will require pins-darn.
All this sewing I have been doing is helping me ignore the mess I have here at home.  A few days ago my washer overflowed while I was in the shower.  I came down and found water about 2 inches deep in my laundry room and bathroom across the hall, laminate in office ruined and carpet squishy wet for a good 10 feet. 
So, currently our office is stripped down to the concrete floor, cabinets removed from wall on one side, carpet pulled loose from the floor and wall with fan blowing underneath it, and you can imagine the mess of stuff just thrown out of the way.  I finally have all the wet clothes done ( laundry room had been overflowing at the time with clothes that all got sopping wet, then had to use EVERY towel in the house to sop up water).  Washer works fine as long as we stand and watch it to make sure it doesn't overflow-it does this about 2 times per year, I just got careless this time.  I am thinking I will push for a new one. 
So, even though I certainly enjoyed my 3 days off from school because of the extreme cold, I have had to pay for it in stress and the grief of watching my only 2 year old laminate being pulled up and thrown out. 


  1. Oh no Andra!!! Can we find the positive here??? As least all the laundry is done now ? ;0)

    I'm with ya on the whole insomniac thing. I was up at 4:30 this morning too; very unlike me! But, was able to catch up on all the posts :0) Looking forward to seeing the small quilt :0)

  2. Positive? New flooring -eventually! :0)



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