Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend End

OHHhhhh, I am having a hard time making myself head to bed. 
I have sat in this chair grading for the WHOLE day-except for a little time out to go grocery shopping.  I really should force myself to do this more often so that I am not stuck here all day.
Amazing the things all of you lovely bloggers can do while I feel like I am accomplishing nothing.
My two guys have been sick the whole time and I am really loading up on the vitamin C and echinacea in hopes of staying healthy. 
Spring Break can not come fast enough-even though my to do list is already a mile long!  12 days and counting!
To top it all off, my BFF won't be at work tomorrow, she has laryngitis.  What makes her think she gets a day off from teaching just because she can't speak-jeez! :)

Maybe it's time to get out the Calgon!

happy first week of March everyone!  That reminds me, I need to get busy on my Irish Blessing Project!

Here is a blessing to start off your week...

"May your troubles be less
and your blessings be more
and nothing but happiness
come through your door"

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