Sunday, March 13, 2011

Golden Anniversary celebration

You are going to think I am crazy.  I have tons of pictures but none of the Anniversary couple together.  My photographer/husband took video of the cake cutting etc rather than pictures, which is great to have but where are the pics of the happy couple?  I hope my friends got some they can send me ASAP because I am not good at capturing frames from video.  In the mean time...

Here is a picture of some of the flowers, done by me.  I use to work as a florist-way back in college.

Here is my lovely sister and my beautiful daughter.
Don't they make a stunning pair?

Here are the progeny of the celebrated marriage.  Yes, my gorgeous sister is OLDER than me.  I am the middle child both in the picture and in birth order.  My parents were very surprised to see my brother in from out of town flown in for literally 30 hours for the event. 

Here is the long awaited quilt.  I haven't been as lazy as my lack of quilt pictures would indicate, I just couldn't show what I was working on.  There are pictures of family and friends throughout as well as signature blocks that I mailed out a while ago.

Here is Mom.  She looks lovely. 
Here is Dad.  He looked very handsome in his hounds tooth jacket. 

Can't wait to see pictures of them cutting the cake-which was a very close replica of the one they had 50 years ago.

It was great to have friends and family join in the celebration with us!

 The Happy Couple's only grandchildren.  My little basketball star and my artist/pianist/budding actress.
He was so thrilled to be all dressed up.  He loved the tie.  This is the first time in a very long time that my girl has been willing to wear a dress and she looked lovely.

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