Friday, April 8, 2011

101 things I'd rather do than go to work today...

1.  Sleep!  What the heck am I doing awake at 3am?
2.  finish the 5 baby quilts that needed to be done weeks ago...

25.  laundry- my family is almost naked at this point

37.  any of my UFOs

42.  Shop for my sister's birthday present
43.  Shop for my daughter's birthday present

56.  work on a project for my history grant that is due next week.

64.  exercise- I think I remember how to do that...

77.  clean the garage-yes it is that bad.  I can still get the car in -just can't get out of the car once it is in.

83.  dentist
84.  torture chamber

100.  finish the taxes
101.  anything!

and, yes, I really could fill in all the numbers in between but that would bore you :)

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