Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day of Relaxation

Today my sister and I went to the spa to celebrate her birthday which is coming up this week. 
We went to Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese spa in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM.  It is only an hour from where I live. 
(you will have to excuse the pictures-cell phone)
First, you have to climb up a bunch of stairs, pictured here.  If you are a lazy quilter like me, you are huffing by the time you reach the middle, gasping near the top.  The altitude doesn't help either.  But. it is well worth the effort and you feel well on your way to improving your overall health.
yep, you're half way up now...
LOVELY Scenery!

You have made it to the top and you are about to enter the most peaceful place on the planet...

Just a few more healthy steps. 

 First, we went to the women's sauna and the women's hot tub.  You can rent private tubs here too.  Then they call you when it is time for your treatment and you wait in this area for your treatment specialist.  My sister had the head to toe massage and I got the same one I always get-HOT STONE MASSAGE.  It is the BEST!

Here is the coy pond where I rested after my treatment.  It was a very pleasant day.
After this, we went and stuffed ourselves with blue corn enchiladas at a little place called Maria's

 This is what I should have been doing but I do not feel guilty!  This is one of the monkey quilts that I am making for my sister's friend who is expecting twins any minute.

 This is the start of a baby girl quilt for a friend at work who is due in August.  I want to get it to her before the end of May since I won't be seeing her this summer.

and here is just a scrap block with the ends of the string blocks.  not sure what will happen to it. 

And, tomorrow is another day (of work and the beginning of a week full of To-Dos)
Take care and have a great week!

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