Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lizzie is recovering

The Dr. came again last night to work on Lizzie.  She is up and running and sews beautifully now.  She does make a new sound that I am not sure I like but he said it should be fine, give her some time.  Unfortunately, I am the one that is down and out now.  I have a fever, body aches, and the worst stomach cramps I have ever had before.  I suffered through work with it yesterday-the fever didn't start until the afternoon, but today I am at home and in bed. 
So, it will still be awhile before I get to work with Lizzie.  I am hoping I will be up to trying her out again this evening. 

I just saw the winners of the Block Lotto- Congratulations everyone!  I think you know that the rest of us are all green with envy!  Love the blocks this month (and my daughter does too)  it will be hard to let them go. 

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