Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas projects

Well, with Lizzie out of commission again, I have been forced to work on my other projects which is certainly not a bad thing.  Lizzie's part should be here in a few days but not in time to get any quilts finished for Christmas.  So, New Years quilts it is.

Here is what I have worked on today...
This is a pillow for my son.  He loves all sea life but especially Orcas.  I designed this on EQ7 and pieced it last night.  Today I got the front and back quilted, the pillow sewn together and stuffed.  It is ready to be wrapped- I will have to run to the Dollar Store to pick up a larger bag!
Here is the back. 

Here is the completed doll house...
I picked up some furniture- just a table and chairs and a little cabinet that I thought she could even pretend was a stove if she wanted. 

There is an applique of sandals in the corner so it looks like someone kicked off their shoes to walk through the garden which has a turtle, bunny, bee, and lady bug (buttons sewn on to camouflage the elastic closure loops).
Here is the "cat end".  Next is the "Dog end'...
See the blue birds and butterfly too?

And here are the pans, mixing bowl & cookbook, tea set, brooms,and cat asleep in the basket that I also bought to go inside.  I made a little drawstring bag for her to keep it all in.  Now, I just need the family-which has now been delayed two days in transit because of our winter weather.
Its a lot when you live in the desert...

These were actually taken yesterday and then it snowed all day after that.  this morning the roads all over the state were terribly icy but now the roads have all thawed.  It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow and then snow again on Thursday.  I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm, staying out of the storms that are sweeping the nation.  Guess it should all be turned to rain by now, so stay dry!

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  1. I love your fabric doll house! You did an awesome job! Can I ask what size you made yours? I want to make 2 for my daughters and this size is perfect! Plus I wanted to use cardboard inserts as well. Does it hold up well? Thanks a bunch!
    Karin Marie



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