Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Quilt Along with borders

Okay, the blue border is cut at 2 and 1/2inches with 2 and 1/2 inch yellow squares in the corners and the outer border is cut at 4 inches with 4 inch squares in the corner.  I could give you measurements but I really suggest that you square up your center and measure it for accuracy.

I have not been thrilled about how bright this yellow is with the pastels but it matches the moons EXACTLY and everyone else tells me it is great.  So, I am going to trust others on this one and hope that the mom to be likes it.

I got it loaded onto Lizzie and 2 rows quilted tonight during my "Friday night sew in".

Tomorrow is looking like a full day but maybe I will get it finished.

I am quilting it with the same thread that I will be using on my cousin's queen size quilt so I wanted to do this one first to make sure I get the tensions right and everything.  I got really lucky, even though this thread is a different brand than I used on the last quilt, I didn't need to do any adjustments.  The tension was beautiful right off the bat! 

I know that if Bonnie had been making this pattern, she would have used string blocks or something in those larger squares and framing triangles and a scrappy border.  I bet it would look great that way but I just didn't have the time to put in to it.

However, my husband and I are debating me taking a leave of absence next year so that I can take care of some things with my family and my health (pushing maximum density here).  Maybe more quilting time will go along with that...???

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