Saturday, January 14, 2012

Those can't go together that way...

You have all seen this picture just a week or so ago.  My husband walked into my sewing room the other night-a rare occasion as the mess in there SCARES him something serious-and he stopped dead in his tracks and said
I innocently said "No?"
He proceeded to tell me that it could not stay in our house with it that bright.  At that point my son walks up behind him, having jumped out of bed to see what was causing such a reaction from his usually very calm and quiet father.  My son LOVED it!  He said it was perfect the way it is!
However, I did pull out the picture of the magazine cover this quilt is based on and assured my husband that it would be put together with white strips between it that would calm it down considerably.  He is still waiting to see if it is even possible that these brights can be tamed.  So,  I guess that should be one of my goals this weekend- Tame the brights so my husband can stand to be in the same house with them.  I suppose there will be an inch or two sewn on Orca Bay also and, hopefully, a quilt loaded on to Lizzy.  That is in addition to laundry, grocery shopping, new shoes for the boy, piano doctor coming, etc. etc. etc....


  1. I would make it big enough to fit your bed, it will grow on him eventually!

  2. I love them -- just the way they are.



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