Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a mess

Yes,  My house really is just about this bad.  I need to clean out the whole 2400+ square feet with the small exception of the kids rooms that have been done already.  Though, my daughter's room was not done well because she is a worse pack rat than I am.  The thing is, after 3 weeks of cleaning, I am really discouraged and out of energy for it.  the more I clean, the more mess there is.  The farther we get in to the summer, the busier I am and the more running I do, the more tired I am.  I have hardly seen the quilt room in months, mostly because it is as big a mess as the rest of the place.  Now that we are done with the pergola, the back yard is a mess and needs some super cleaning.
The garage is WORSE than the above picture!  But it is really hard to get out there and accomplish anything when it is 95degrees in the shade. 
And, has anyone noticed, how it is easier to just do it yourself than to try to get two young teenagers to help you?
Ugh!  Someone, just come take this mess away!!!!

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  1. Deep breath and one day at a time. We all have those times when overcome with housework and "the MESS!" If I'm not in the mood.... I let it be. The mood will strike; give it some patience.
    (Sadly, the "mood" usually doesn't strike until a couple of hours before guests are planned.... and then, it's a "forced mood.") LOL.



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