Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looking for...

Does anyone know of a tutorial for a quilted/altered sweatshirt?  That is what I am going to attempt tomorrow-starting with some children's sized sweatshirts for my craft fairs that are coming up.  I have never done it before but am excited about trying.  I would love to see how others have tackled it though. 

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  1. Hey Andra! I didn't know if you'd seen on my blog that I received your darling little swap quilt -- it was in my box on Monday! It's perfect and I love the colors!! Mine (which is in the mail late, I know and I'm sorry -- I got an itch to add hand stitching to it) will be in the mail tomorrow! I hope you like it -- I love it. LOL!! :)

    Re: repurposing sweatshirts ... I did one for me a couple of years ago:

    I found this one using doilies, which is really cute!

    A couple more:



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