Sunday, June 23, 2013


My sister took my daughter to a ComiCon yesterday.  She was in heaven.  My sister had more fun than she thought she would too!
Any Supernatural fans out there?  My daughter is dressed as the Impala.  She has the license plate on the back of her (father's) leather jacket and a Lego and toy soldier hanging from her ears-you have to be a totally die hard fan to get those.  She also has Sam and Dean's initials on her hands.  I thought she did a great job creating her costume all on her own and there were quite a few people who knew instantly what she was. 
I am afraid this may end up being a yearly outing for us.  My son was too sick to go and wasn't really interested until his sister came home talking about everything.  Now he is wishing he could have gone. 
I am wishing I had more quilting to show you but I have just not been up to it the last few days.  I hope to work on some things today. 
  • Borders on Hawaii Sunset
  • last 3 seams on a customer's baby clothes quilt and the backing
  • would LOVE to fit in some UFO sewing
I can't sleep because of my cough so I might as well sew.
Happy Sunday Sewing!


  1. OMG! My daughter would be so jealous of this picture. She is a major Whovian. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Excellent goals for the day! Hopefully you were feeling better and found some energy and motivation :)

  3. I love Supernatural and have from the beginning. I am so envious! Feel better.



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