Monday, July 15, 2013

First finish of the week...

I plan on having a lot of finishes this week since I am stuck here at a half empty house, getting new tile installed.  I lined up a bunch of projects that are long overdue for binding and I have a sewing setup in my bedroom, and there is always Lizzie.  Kids and dogs are vacationing at Grandmas during the install. 
So, here is the first finish of the week.  This table runner has been waiting for just the hand stitching of the binding for at least a year. 
Got the basic idea from a pattern in a magazine-sorry, can't remember which one...Basically just a 12  1/2  inch (unfinished) square in the middle and strips sewn on in the Quilt As You Go method.  I am doing a demo on this method at my quilt group in September so I am trying to get some examples done and actually making a write up of the "pattern".  These go really fast and make great gifts-anyone thinking Christmas yet?


  1. Alrighty girl! I'm holding you to it! :) I can't wait to see all of the amazing finishes this week.
    Me....I'm still working on crochet :)
    Happy July week!

  2. Beautiful pink quilt, love the heart. Have fun working on your UFO's.



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