Sunday, January 5, 2014

England Quilt

My sister has always been a fan of England and the royal family, so when she saw this quilt, she absolutely HAD to have it!...

Well, I promised her I would make her one (that was last year).  I was very disappointed to find out that there was no pattern (but one is in the works I believe).  However, I rarely follow a pattern so I broke out EQ7 and did many searches on the internet, designed my own layout, gathered fabrics and here I go...
Of course, I decided that since I was making one for my sister, I might as well make one for myself...So, two of everything I have done so far.

The applique blocks are currently raw edge and I am not sure that they will go any farther than that.   I don't think satin stitch will be smooth enough for all the  details.  The quilts will be wall hangings so that should be adequate anyway.  
Both of these silhouettes were found through Google searches. 
A little better view of some of the fabrics and that crown is from a pattern I bought.  I will share that with you next time since I forgot to bring it downstairs with me this time. 
My first little row house.  Designed on EQ7.  There are some really tiny pieces in there!  I am happy with it.  Not sure what colors to use on all the other ones.  I have never been to England to see what the houses really look like. 
I have also been working on getting the lattice attached to last years Four Block a Week Quilt Along.  Here are the blocks for the border that will go with the blocks above. 
So, I am finally getting some time in the sewing room and loving it!  Tomorrow is a busy day though so it may be a few days before I get back to it. 
Hope you got to do some happy stitching today too!



  1. You are doing a fantastic job. It's going to be just as great as the quilt that inspired your sister.

  2. Don't know about that but I am enjoying it and like the way it is coming out. Its been a while since I have been this excited about a quilt. Guess I need new projects more often! Yeah right, like 20 + UFOs isn't enough...

  3. Loving your England quilts..really cool!



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