Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday"s progress

I was slow getting started today but I did make some pretty good progress on the quilting front. 
Here is the first of the two throne blocks for the England Quilts.
And here is the second throne. 
All I did was print up a picture of a chair, trace it, enlarge it to fit the 15X11 block, and voila!

I also worked on the teapot & teacup block. 

Here is my Big Ben.  I will have to try to pick up some fabric with clock faces on it so that I can get the clock on there.  If I can't find any than I will print some on fabric, I guess.  Maybe I can find a clock on embroidery library or something for my emb. machine.

I also made a little progress on a few other projects and actually have 2 finishes to show once I take the pictures tomorrow. 

Tomorrow's goals are to get to the gym, finish the quilt that is on the machine, do some housework, send a couple of estimates to customers, and then some stitching.  There's just not enough hours in the day for all the quilting I need to do!


  1. Yes, beautiful and I'm a big fan of England! OUght to make one I guess.



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