Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I have been feeling very uninspired lately, not wanting to do anything.  I realize that it stems from the NEED to do certain things...things I have promised, things with deadlines, things that do not feed my creative need, things that do not bring me joy in the creation because they are someone else's definition of what needs to be done, or what something needs to look like.
I am sure you have all felt these feelings in your creative journeys. 
I simply need to take a deep breath and get moving on them so that I can move on to something that I WANT to work on, rather than stagnating and not getting things done.

Another thing that is bringing my productivity to a halt is the overflowing mess of my creative space.  It is crowded and disorganized.  I have not come up with a plan of how to create a welcoming, organized and useful space in all this clutter so it remains as it is. 
I would love to hear ideas of how you have organized and tamed your creative space so that it allows you to work freely.

Again, looking to simplify,


  1. HI!!!! No I am no help on taming the wild creative space!!!!! Let it be wild!!! Till later anyway!!!!! Go ahead and work a little on something fun...get started and then switch over to something you have to do...then switch back to the fun!!!!! It is better to have a little fun with the other more pressing things on the side!!!!! Take a walk or a spin around blogland!!!!! Lots of inspiration in blogland!!!! hugs

  2. Andra...I love to organize and cannot work if things aren't tidy! My partner is just the opposite so sometimes I have to not look at her side of our sewing set up! I have all my fabric folded and organized by color on a bookshelf, and all my 2.5 inch scraps are in bins under my ironing the back of the bins are small chunks of fabric in the same colors and then each month I am also putting in plastic baggies (labeled) of other sizes of the same color. I have another set of drawers with strings sorted by color too. It really does make it easy to work. My rulers are either hanging on a pegboard or in a three ring binder page pocket thingy with the ruler directions in case I need them. My thread is also organized in drawers by type and or color. :) good luck!

  3. Hi Andra....I've been uninspired for well over a year. Cant wait until something clicks again for me~ hugs~



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