Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Finish of 2015

Not the greatest pictures since the wind was blowing but here is the Bambi baby quilt that will be making its way to Japan for my husbands niece-expecting her second little girl. 
Here is the pieced back...
The quick and dirty label.  Not very creative of me but, hey, at least I got one on there!
Flower my be my favorite.  I used my favorite panto too -"Chamomile".

And an up close of Bambi!  I have had this fabric for years, just waiting for the perfect occasion.  

And, I went for  a run this morning- the first one since September.  I did 2 miles, almost all of it running.  It felt great!  We will see how it feels tomorrow...
Now, with vacation wrapping up, I have to think about real life again and head to the grocery store-ugh!  Would rather be quilting!

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