Thursday, February 19, 2015

Slipping in some scrap time

Here is my first block for a Scrappy Trip quilt (see ).
I have quilt projects coming out my ears but these scraps must be tamed.  So, in addition to a scrappy half square triangle quilt, and some scrappy music note blocks, that I have planned, I have also started this and another scrap quilt from the Spring Quilts and More- A Pinch of This p. 59.  I may make it  larger though.  Depends if one of my kids decides they want it.  If not, it needs to be king size. 

I am struggling with motivation on my Orca Bay.  I love it, just is tedious and seems to be taking forever.  Someone want to nudge me on it???

Here is my puppy.  He will be 1 year old in May.  Surprised I got him to stand still for this.  He usually jumps at the camera.  He just came home from the groomer.  He is very rambunctious and I don't know if I will ever be able to train him to be a polite boy.  For his sake, I hope so, because he is driving my husband and my kids crazy!

I stayed home today-fighting off a cold and I have a stiff neck, in addition to my knee killing me from overdoing it with a long run this weekend.  Guess I will try to head in to work tomorrow and tough it out. 

Hope you have a marvelous time quilting!

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