Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some sewing this weekend

I managed to get to some Block Lotto blocks. 
The theme this month is pets.  Most people have chosen to do an actual applique or pieced picture.  I don't know how they have the time for that.  However, traditional pieced blocks with pet fabric were an option so here are my cats.

These are done using the 9 inch Quatrefoil block from Quilters Cache. 
And here is my horse block, because everyone needs a pet horse!

I also pulled out a very old UFO.  Oklahoma Backroads that I started years ago at a workshop with Bonnie Hunter.  They are slow going but I think I might actually get all the blocks that I need done soon.  I have the correct number of blocks started at least, at various stages of completion.  I need 110 to do the same size as Bonnie did.  I only have 28 blocks complete at this point. 

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  1. The quarter foil block really does a nice job of highlighting your animal prints. Such fun!



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