Saturday, August 1, 2015

Not much stitching goin on but...

I did get my front door painted this week.  I have just had the paint for about 2 years...
The large terra cotta pot got a few coats of red as well.  So, my entry is pretty much refreshed.  I still need to sweep and get a new welcome mat and maybe a wreath.
Here is an up close of the bird cage at the door.

I have also been working on some shelves for my kitchen refresh as well.  Hopefully I will get them finished and hung up tomorrow.  If so, I will post pics.  I am in panic mode to get this all done since I start back to school on Monday.  Students still have almost 2 weeks until they start but there is all kinds of meetings and registration to get through before then. 

Now, I have all sorts of UFOs- more than I can ever finish, I am sure.  BUT- this quilt is calling to me!!!!!  I even went as far as bought a few reds and neutrals to add to my stash in preparation. 

I wish that when I was binging on quilting, I could stop eating and loose a ton of weight.  Wouldn't that be cool? 

Earlier this week, I also managed to get the inside of my car all vacuumed out and the interior all cleaned up.  So, I have been busy but not in the sewing room.  I have just had to fight the urge to ditch it all and go up there.  Tomorrow, hopefully I will get a few minutes with my current project- Oklahoma Back Roads.  I hope to have it put together as a quilt top in another week or so, even with going back to work. 


  1. You HAVE been busy for sure--Love that garden Party quilt...I can see why it's calling to you...hugs, Julierose

  2. Very nice. I would love the birdcage, however the wasps where we live have seen to it, I cannot hang anything on the house, they always seem to build nests in them! Red really opens the entry way up!



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