Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Chunky Strip Race

I started what I call a Chunky Strip Race this morning.  Its with 3.5 inch strips rather than with 2.5 which would be a Jelly Roll Race.
Here are my colors.  Its actually an experiment.  I used twice as much orange as the other colors so I am hoping for a mostly orange & somewhat modern look.
After 2 hours, I only have it sewn into two rows.  Not exactly a lightning speed race...

I started with about 8 yards of fabric so I am expecting a big quilt top that I can trim to the size I want and use the left over pieces on the back.

And here is a glimpse at the lovely weather outside my sewing room window.  It was fun to look up from these bright colors to see big, fat flakes falling.

Earlier today, I sat down and made a list of some of the most pressing quilt projects that are started and I hope to get finished this year.  I have come up with 28 so far without even looking through the mess in the sewing room.

Right now I think I will start some laundry and hop on the elliptical machine, since I am not being successful in following my Weight Watchers these past couple of weeks. Hope the motivation returns soon!

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