Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Mystery...anyone game????

I have been perusing the internet for the perfect Christmas quilt and hadn't really found exactly what I wanted though there are hundreds of gorgeous holiday quilts out there.  So, based on what I did see, I have drawn my own little Christmas cutie and would love to share it with you a little at a time.
Anyone up for a mystery?

Grab a variety of green scraps (at least 5), a few pieces of red or gold (2 or 3), and a variety of neutrals-white or ivory or whatever you have in mind.  And a few pieces of brown.  It won't take much, just a few strips of each.  Jelly Roll strips will work for some of the pieces but not all. 

This mystery quilt will end up at around 24" X 26" before we add borders so it will be the perfect size to hang up for Christmas!

I went with the traditional colors but I would love to see it in cranberry and evergreen or even blues and whites...

First clue available tomorrow morning...but not before I've had my coffee...

Clue # 1

Clue # 2

Mystery Revealed/Placement Diagram 

Christmas Mystery Complete

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