Monday, December 28, 2009

yesterdays projects

Santa was good to me this year...

This is a quilt top that has been finished and hiding in my sewing room for at least 6 years now.  It is made from a dress( the flower print) I wore to a friend's wedding way back in 1992 (I think).  I finally got the blanket stitching done around the leaves yesterday.  And you thought you were a procrastinator...

These 2 quilts do not count towards my goal.  The centers are done by friends of mine from a round robin group.  I just added the outside borders.  The purple one will be going back to its home in Brazil and the Red, White and Blue one to California. 
Hope you ladies enjoy!!!

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  1. Hi Andra, I think we are related through your mother. She is my cousin. We seem to be related in another way too. If I described myself I would say the same words you did: wife, mother, teacher,quilter.
    I am going to be watching you finish your quilts this yeas as I finish my own. I have two UFOs but I have several projects I want to start and finish. I love the colors you use in your quilts.



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