Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I do not have any new pictures to post yet but I have been sewing yesterday and today.  Yesterday I helped my daughter finish a quilt she started a while ago.  She did a really good job and I helped her only minimally, except I did do the machine quilting.  I will post a picture of it soon. 
I also started a red and black quilt that my son requested last year.  The fabrics have just been sitting in a drawer so I pulled them out to iron them while my daughter was sewing and the next thing I know, this morning, I almost have the blocks all sewn together.  I will probably have the quilt put together by the end of the weekend but I had to stop to do some laundry and things for work. 
I dread leaving my sewing room to go back to the classroom on Monday (I am a middle school teacher). 
Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!!!!

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