Monday, January 11, 2010

Is it really only Monday???

I feel like it should already be the weekend again, mostly because all I want to do is quilt...
Here is what I did tonight. 

Put together the blocks for my Amish Buggie wallhanging.  Here it is laying over the piles of quilt in my rocking chair.  See the red and black one behind it?  I hope to get both of them sandwiched this weekend. 
I am really happy with the buggies.  I like the way the simple fabrics all look together.  I may have to try some more Amish like quilts. 

I still had a few minutes left once I got this pieced together so I pulled out the Underground Railroad book (Eleanor Burns) and the civil war era reproduction fabrics that my husband bought me for my birthday a few months ago.  I got this put together...

I was really happy with it until I got the picture ready to post here and saw that i messed up the point on the lower left corner...I will have to work on it or just do another one.  When I get done with all 15 blocks, I want it to be a really nice quilt so missed points won't do. 
I think I will try to do at least a couple blocks a week towards this quilt.  I really love how these fabrics look and it is fun to do just a block at a time.  I am so use to doing strip piecing and projects that go together quickly and easily.  I forget how nice a SCRAP block looks!!!

If anyone wants to join me, I bet you can find similar patterns online or in books you might just have in your home library. I do highly recommend this book for anyone who quilts.  It has a lot of patterns in it. This one is a monkey wrench pattern and the next one is the wagon wheel pattern. 

Here is the sewing table from when my daughter was sewing.  See all the bright batiks?  Those are for the quilt she started  a couple days ago.  I went ahead and set up my second sewing machine so that she can come sew when she wants. 

I also put up a very impromptu flannel board.  Actually, I used a scrap of batting I had...

Here is my list for this weekend, don't know if I will get any of it done or not...
sandwich red & black, Amish buggies, and floral lattice quilts, maybe quilt on the two I already have sandwiched and started,
This is after the Basketball games, grocery shopping, laundry etc.  And, of course, I am behind in my grading (6th Grade World History)

Happy Scrapping!

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