Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend progress

Here is the start of the quilt for my daughter made from my Block Lotto winnings for January.
And this is the one for my son...

I am loving these bright fabrics!

This block is on its way to a round robin...

I hope it doesn't get lost like the blocks from my last round robin.  Half the blocks are still missing from that one.  I actually did hand embroidery so I hope it makes it back to me!
I also started my Block Lotto Blocks for March.  Can't show those yet though-you won't see them until March!
I also got the binding sewn on to my Mom & Dad's Log Cabin quilt.  Just have to sew it down by hand now.  That quilt has just been 18 months in the making-only because I don't ever work on the same project for long.  I need variety and when the artistic bug bites, I have to stop what I am doing and try out the new idea.

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