Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have been very lazy this evening-actually, not really because I have been doing stuff for work.  I just haven't had the impetus to sew and I needed to plan some lessons for my classes.  We are finishing up the Ancient Roman Empire.
I see all these quilts and ideas online from all the blogs I am following and usually it makes me want to try something similar-can't move through the projects fast enough!  But sometimes it just makes me feel discouraged.  I will never be able to make ALL the projects I have in mind, nor will they be quite like what I see from other quilters-especially those who have all day every day to spend exploring their ideas. 
Often I realize that I am so obsessed with Quilting that I almost can not function at other things-I am ALWAYS thinking about creating something and wishing I could be sewing.  It makes it hard to do all the things it takes to keep things going. 
So, a break this evening is not going to kill me though I will go to bed thinking of the things I could have been doing other than being lazy and doing after hours work.
Hope all you other obsessed quilters are having a great time sewing!

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