Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I have been very busy cleaning out and making room for my special delivery that will arrive next week.  So, I needed some easy/mindless/no seam matching sewing to do between bursts of cleaning and trips to the storage unit etc.  So, I pulled out at charm pack that I had in my stash-got it from Walmart a while ago for just this sort of project and started sewing...
These are the blocks I ended up with and I first thought I would put them together with a white border similar to this layout. 
However, my daughter liked it better when I put them up like this...

It looks almost like batik fabrics when you put them like this, I think.
So, What do you all think?
With a lattice or without?

I am also auditioning possibilities for the black and white charm pack I have...
What do you think?  Pink and Black and white?
Or, mix brights around the black and white centers?

PS-these will be lap quilts for friends.

I won't get back to my projects requiring a little more  concentration for about another week...There is A LOT of cleaning to do-and I suppose I ought to think about setting up my classroom soon.

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