Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I might need help with this one.  I decided to do a 4 patch with the pink and black...

I like this black fabric with the pink flowers with it but I need 14 squares and only have enough fabric for 9-of course!  So, do I mix in a lighter pink or one the same tone as the four patches, or make it a tiny quilt instead of a lap quilt...not sure what to do.

I have made some progress on my husband's black and tan quilt.  They still need one more row sewn to each one before I can start putting them together.  

And, alas, I know I do not need another UFO but I couldn't keep myself from gathering scraps from my stash to get ready for this quilt.  The pattern is in the June 2009 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. 

I will be using random scraps with white and then the only fabric I needed to purchase was the pink.  So, I will not be staying with the gingham fabrics like in the picture but will keep the basic color scheme-I don't have as much yellow as the quilt asks for but I think I have enough. 

Tomorrow I will be spending the whole day sewing with my mother and her cousin.  There are two quilts we would like to get as far on as possible before Friday!  Wish us smooth sewing as we wish for all of you as well!

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