Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little stitching

I finished quilting my practice sheets today-hope to get them bound tomorrow before I have to go back in to my classroom and finish setting up.  Will post pics when it is bound.  But I did grab a few minutes this evening to get the border on this round robin quilt so I can send it on home.  It will go to the original owner now. 
I am very proud of how my sawtooth border turned out-it looks great, I think.  I was going to do something a little simpler (is that a word?)  but my husband encouraged me to do this and I am glad I actually took his advise this time!  I think this is the first round robin quilt that I worked on that all the measurements came out perfectly!  I think it is also the last of the round so I may be looking for another round robin or block trading group.  Anyone interested????

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