Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday things...

My daughter and I picked these peaches earlier this week from a friend's tree.  They were a little firm still so we couldn't peel them and get them in the freezer.  But, they are quickly loosing their firmness-since I have other plans for tomorrow-probably going to have to get up early and do some peeling and slicing.

I tried this new technique I had been hearing about-rather than pinning the binding down, you use these hair clips.  It worked really well and was much easier to keep the binding even.

This is the sheets practice for my long arm machine.  It came out pretty well.  I think I now know how to line up each row for a pantograph so that they "interlock" and I have an idea about how to size the top, batting and backing. 
Not sure if you can really see the quilting in either of these pictures but for the most part, I am very happy with it.

There won't be much sewing going on this weekend, and I have to start back to work Monday, but I hope to get 2 baby quilts finished by next Wednesday-don't know how that will happen.  Looks like Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights will all be spent with Lizzie and Bernina. 

PS-can you believe I won the Block Lotto again????  I won back in January and the quilts I made from those blocks are still awaiting their turn with Lizzie.  Now I have beautiful firework blocks coming in the mail in droves!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!  I am planning on donating my chances this month-just gotta get those rose blocks made...

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