Monday, December 20, 2010


Today I helped a friend make 5 fleece, tied blankets.  We had a lot of fun!  I have the stuff to make two more before Christmas Eve for family gifts.  They are so soft and cuddly. 
Hope to have a finished quilt to show by the end of tomorrow also.  It has to be done before Christmas Eve also but all it needs is a binding and trimming the threads.
I am officially declaring myself done with Christmas shopping.  I didn't get everything I wanted but I am pooped out and what I have so far will just have to do.  I need to make a lot more things for next year, I think. 
Hope everyone is ready for the big day that is fast approaching!  My son is about to pop with anxiousness.  Today he made great cards for all of us.  My husband's is 8 pages long!
Happy stitching!


  1. I love making the fleece blankets, but I use a tool that perforates "sort of" around the edge of the fleece, and then I crochet a border around the edges. I admire you for making the list of UFOs. I plan to finish a lot of mine next year and also stop shopping and use from my stash. Love the quilting on your quilts in the earlier post.

  2. I have the supplies to make a couple of fleece blankets as well. I was going to follow a tutorial that I found for kids snuggies. Fleece makes such a soft and cuddly blanket -- and so much faster than quilts! It is so fun to see the kids get excited about Christmas.



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